maize mirchi

A Cappella

The Team

Maize Mirchi is all about the team the team the team. Go Blue!

Gokul Karur

Gokul has got all the moves. His suave voice will leave you mesmerized for ages.

Arjun Motta

President Motta runs the show. His enourmous voice commands attention and soothes the soul.

Alicia Kalsi

Alicia's positive attitude and unique comedic flair adds a pinch of oregeno to Maize Mirchi's spice.

Lalitha Ramaswamy

Lalitha loves coldplay and long walks on the beach.

Brohan Mehta


Anu Vora

Anu thinks Ohio isn't the worst state ever. It adds some confusion to the group dynamic. She also likes tart things.

Nishita Conjeevaram

Co Musical Director Nish is in two A Cappella groups, so she's double the good.

Nikhil Misra

Nikhil's happiness and dedication to Mirchi is something that we all strive for.

Pavitra Abraham

Pav is the pav to Mirchi's bhaji.

Nicole Joseph

Nicole is the business manager of the group. She manages the business.

Sana Isaac

Sana gives that pitch some vibrato. Pitches love vibrato.

Deepak Kumar

Deepak is the reincarnation of Tupac. We call him 3pak.

Deepu Nadimpalli

Deepu is often confused about what real life is.

Sri Bhamidipati

Sri is the Bee's Knees.


Nothing more needs to be said.

Rifayat Uddin

His unbelievable voice will leave you looking like a fool with your pants on the ground.


Check us out at YouTube, Soundcloud, iTunes and Buy our CD!


Check out our YouTube for new videos and updates on all things Mirchi!


Check out our soundcloud for snippets of new tracks and streams of our CD.


You can find us on iTunes, rockin' the apple store.


Not obligatory, but definitely appreciated.

We're always working hard to create the best music we possibly can.


Want to learn a little more?

About Me

Maize Mirchi is the University of Michigan's premier (and only, but mostly premier) South Asian A Cappella group! We sing a blend of Indian, Western and fusion music. In the a cappella tradition, all of our music is made without instruments, and all of our arrangements are unique and student-written. Our membership consists of undergraduate and graduate students with a variety of musical experience ranging from classical Indian and Western choral training to "Hey, I sound pretty good in the shower."

Founded in 2007 by Suresh Mohan and Arvind Narayanan, Mirchi has since performed at such events as the University of Michigan IASA Show (the largest student-run production in the nation), Dandia Dhamaka (an intercollegiate Raas-Garba competition) and more. We are also active in the UM a cappella community and enjoy performing at yearly events.


We hold auditions every fall term. Stay posted for details!


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